… to the ‘mobile’ site by and for Johannes!

Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking;
“ANOTHER website by Johannes? Why???”

Well, I’ll tell you why… I’ve been reluctantly working with WordPress for almost a decade now – but only for clients and employers. For previous ‘personal’ sites like www.johannesvandenheuvel.net I’ve been using the ancient tool NetObjects Fusion since the late 1990s. That gave me pixel-perfect control about the way pages looked

and Malt Madness I’ve

Now that I’ve finally bought a (relatively) smart phone myself, I’ve noticed that those sites really are virtually impossible to read and navigate. I will be mostly using this site to test some features for other sites I’m working on at the moment, but I may also use it to start blogging again…

More later – gotta set up WordPress first…